Mark your calendars! On July 23rd at 7:00 AM we will be having Leeza Zurwick, owner of Happy Gut, give a presentation on how Probiotics can help your gut stay healthy.
 Our members will be attending this presentation via ZOOM and we will also broadcast her presentation on Facebook for interested parties at  
Leeza Zurwick is the founder of Happy Gut, a company specialized in water kefir products. The company grows and sells water kefir grains, along with starter kits for people to make their own, and bottled water kefir beverages.
Happy Gut operates on Leeza’s family farm in Ootischenia and she has made it her company mission to hire people with disabilities.
Water kefir is a fermented probiotic beverage which is good for your gut, healthy and delicious. It’s an under-the-radar cousin to kombucha, but much faster to make, and tastier. One of the greatest challenges has been to introduce this relatively unknown product to the marketplace so Leeza focuses on teaching about gut health, the necessity of consuming fermented foods and how to brew your own water kefir.
Previous to Happy Gut, Leeza was a special needs educator and was employed by school district 20. Happy Gut sent Leeza on an entirely new and enthusiastic trajectory which caused her to learn about creating a sustainable business, making it profitable and surviving the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Today, Happy Gut products are sold across Canada and the US and was featured on Dragon's Den in 2019.
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